Queering the Coaching Space.

In 1999 I left my hometown of Barnsley to take up professional dance training at the prestigious Northern School of Contemporary Dance where I came out, much to some dismay, at the age of 18. I have since enjoyed a career of touring world class stages, appearing in television and film productions, working with some of the world’s most renowned choreographers and becoming, along the way, a dance-maker, mentor and educator. At some point in this journey, I also found time for a hiatus as a nightclub and events manager where I discovered a little more of what it means to be queer.

I came to the coaching sector in 2015 after working with a coach who supported a transitionary period in my career. I learned so much with her about the value of connection and community and the result was that I myself would go on to become a coach, and this would bolster my work as an LGBTQ+ artist, mentor and teacher.

And so a queer coaching space emerged.

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LGBTQ+ activism

As an adult I have enjoyed working within environments that are accepting of who I am. However, like many queer children, my formative years were spent reading societal signals that told me it was wrong to be gay. In other words I was indoctrinated into shame and I spent my early adulthood learning how to love myself.

Through coaching I have been able to release the weight of shame and fear around my sexuality which allowed me to connect more authentically to the LGBTQ+ community. However;

I still carry shame with me.

I’m still healing.

I am a work in progress.

I coach and am coached.

And so, my work is rooted in queer advocacy. Today I am passioned by queer visibility and positive representation, and I live to support others in their healing and help them realise their own growth potential through diversity (not in spite of it) as the world around us tries to catch up.